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2011, Mini Digital Video, 19 minutes, Colour, Silent


Shot over a period of six weeks in October, 2010, a detailed set was constructed housing a scene of refracting light that utilised water and glass elements. Filming depended particularly on planetary positions but also on environmental conditions such as wind strength and cloud formations.  Similarly with I Am The Tympanum, the scene was considered carefully, with the intention of capturing a light frequency that would stimulate brainwave frequencies that fluctuate between Beta waves (corresponding to a normal waking state) and Alpha waves, (associated with a relaxed wakefulness such as dreaming and hypnosis).  The final work is presented as a silent, unedited, single-take video capture. The title is inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play Krapp’s Last Tape.  Krapp’s final line is: ‘The earth must be uninhabited’.


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