2013, Mini Digital Video, 8 minutes, Colour, Silent


Shot over a number of months between 2011/2012, this video piece was created for an exhibition concerning the theme of repetition.  Set construction incorporated the commissioned build of an apparatus that would facilitate the tracing of a shadow in motion.  The apparatus was used to track a camera alongside the particular speed of progressing shadow, with the intention of synchronicity. A particular digital noise, a quality inherent to Mini Digital Video tape, was exploited to stimulate brainwave frequencies (Alpha and Beta) shifting from a normal waking state a relaxed wakefulness.  The final work is presented as a silent, unedited, single-take video capture.  The title is borrowed from Kurt Vonnegut’s short story "The Sirens of Titan".


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‘In her videos Mahler focuses the lens on the minutiae of everyday objects and patiently watches them change or become. In this way the concept of progress is embedded in her practice as a physical act that she employs to unravel her subject matter.’


Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll, Irish Arts Review, Autumn 2015, p 280


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