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Duration 4 minutes, Super-8 mm, HD telecine, 2016

A constitution of melon, sex and super 8.


Visuals for Melone [meˈloːnə] are the result of experimenting with the materiality of rare Kodak Ektachrome  64T Super 8 mm film stock, fruit in particular melon (German: Melone) and the architecture of Lichtenberg studios, Berlin while at residency with EFS members during a heat wave in August 2015.


Referencing the consumption of melons in relation to sexual desire and pornography, the sound scape of the film is inspired by Tsai Ming-liang’s film The Wayward Cloud (2005).  The soundscape was produced in March 2016, responding to an invitation by Experimental Film Society seeking to create a compilation of films that reflect on the presence of eroticism and perversion in a deeply personal and radical landscape of experimental cinema.


Melone [meˈloːnə] premiered at Indecent Materials, an Experimental Film Society programme curated by Dean Kavanagh at Filmbase, Dublin on Sunday 24th of April 2016 at 3pm.


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