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2010, Mini Digital Video, 37 minutes, Colour, Sound


Set as a trilogy of films rather than a triptych, this video work was created during the winter months of 2009/2010. Three separate shots were constructed from a view in Kilmainham, Dublin, each presenting the scene from an individual perspective. Shot at twilight and heavily dependant on a metering of environmental conditions (gale force winds, sub-zero temperatures), the scene was carefully considered to produce a light frequency intended to stimulate brainwave frequencies. These mapped frequencies shift from Beta waves (corresponding to a normal waking state) to Alpha waves, (associated with a relaxed wakefulness such as dreaming and hypnosis).  The final work presents three single-take, unedited video captures. Sound was recorded at the source and is the identical for all three pieces.


The title is borrowed from Samuel Beckett:

I feel an outsider and an insider and me in the middle,

I am the partition,

I have two surfaces and no thickness.

Perhaps that's what I feel,

Myself vibrating,

I am the tympanum,

On the one hand the mind,

On the other the world,

I don't belong to either.



View excerpt I am the Tympanum (1)

View excerpt I am the Tympanum (2)

View excerpt I am the Tympanum (3)


View excerpt of installation documentation


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