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Anja Mahler is a visual artist and archivist by trade. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Ireland’s National College of Art and Design and has developed a successful practice in the field of time-based art since 2010. The essential element of her work is the passage and manipulation of time through the expressive use of moving image technology and the human body. Her research interest is in media archaeology, specifically the cognitive impact of early and contemporary cinema.


She has worked with a range of curators, artists, filmmakers and collectives on a variety of projects and exhibitions. Her work has received support from the Arts Council of Ireland who awarded her the Visual Artist Bursary, Next Generation Artist Award and Film Bursary. Her films, animations and expanded cinema performances are structural in essence. They have been described as ‘seductive and engrossing, drawing the visitor in, almost folding them into their world of organic precision’. ‘The concept of progress is embedded in her practice as a physical act that she employs to unravel her subject matter.’ Mahler is said to be ‘absorbing herself into the work, identifying herself a medium’. Her work has exhibited nationally and was subject to reviews in Paper Visual Art Journal, Irish Arts Review and Circa Arts Magazine.

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